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Tavan Tak Jam Company was established in 1983 with the aim of manufacturing and producing agricultural implements and water pumps.

In the first step, the design company planned and produced a type of drainage pump. High quality and observance of valid standards and extensive research have led to the production from the factory to the factory and the variety of production from one product to several products and find many applicants to the point that these products are a very good market among domestic and industrial consumers. they have found. Tavan Tak Jam Company is currently developing with the use of the most advanced industrial machines and the best software systems and efficient forces and technical knowledge of the world and the application of high international standards, and is producing with the aim of productivity.

why U.S?

Tavan Tak Jam Company is a manufacturer of all types of submersible pumps in order to improve the quantity and quality of products to increase the level of customer satisfaction and focus on customer orientation.

  • competitive price
  • High Quality
  • Permanent support
  • free service
  • Step-by-step discount
  • Variety in the product

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